Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


SmartLink (South-East-West Mobility for Advanced Research, Learning, Innovation, Network and Knowledge) focuses on fostering international cooperation between European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and HEIs in emerging South Asian countries through the promotion of mobility at Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) students, PhD candidates, Post-doctoral researchers, Academics and Administrative staff. The aim is to strengthen the existing partnership and foster new partnerships by realizing the students and research staff mobility between 8 European countries [Bulgaria (BG), Cyprus (CY), France (FR), Germany (DE), Greece (GR), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT) and United Kingdom (GB)], and  11 Lot-4-Asian countries [Afghanistan (AF), Bangladesh (BD), Bhutan (BT), India (IN), Indonesia (IN), Maldives (MV), Nepal (NP), North Korea (KP), Pakistan (PK), Sri Lanka (LK) and Thailand (TH)]. The project is designed to develop human capital in 9 thematic areas in order to promote sustainable development and technology transfer of between the higher education institutes (HEs) in these countries. The targeted thematic areas include: Agricultural Sciences (01), Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning (02), Business Studies and Management Science (04), Education and Teacher training (05), Engineering, Technology (06), Geography, Geology (07), Medical Sciences (12), Natural Sciences (13) and Other Area of Study  (16).

The research cooperation will cover various disciplines with strong focus on training and research on the use of Smart technologies for a wide range of application areas of the thematic fields, such as  agricultural management, urban planning, education, tourism, smart transportation, energy management, smart networks/grids, smart homes, business/entrepreneurship support, energy/environmental management, business management, public health management so on. Effective use of technologies in all academic activities and increased intercultural competence are included in the project activities.