Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


PHOENIX intends to develop a structured mobility based cooperation between 8 lot2 HEIs and 9 EU HEIs .

This cooperation network aims at supporting students from all levels (under-, Master and PhD), Potdoc and senior administrative staff to gain experiences, expertise and skills through interaction in an international environment.

Project activities:

  1. organizing of consortium first meetings "kick off meeting" at which -all projects management panels will be identified and elected.
    • " Local Manageent Panel, Regional Panel, communication Panel, Steering Panel, Selection Panel, Quality Assurance Panel"-setting up selection criteria and weights for different mobility levels.
    • setting up communication Plan within the consortium to promote the project overall activities.
    • electing external evaluator to be a member in the Quality Assurance Panel.
    • declaring and negotiating the LMP and RMP roles and responsibilities.
    • negotiating financial plan of the project.
  2. developing the project website and application form
  3. conducting promotion campaigns targeting TG1,2,3 which includes:
  4. organizing the mobility plan for the 1st cohort and the 2nd cohort-call for application -first selection will be made by LMP and RMP which will report to the SPScholarship award letters to selected candidates-Information letters to candidates not being selected-Information about visa procedures, insurance, travel arrangements-Preparation for outgoing undergraduate students-Learning Agreements for undergraduate, PhD and Post doc.
    • Welcoming activities
    • Distribution of grant to selected candidate-Evaluation procedures for both outgoing and incoming students
    • Transcript of records for Under.student
  5. Finalizing and signing the MOU between partners
  6. organizing and coordination consortium annual meetings
  7. project Quality assurance activities8-project reporting- reports from the project panels to the coordinator and the Steering Panel- reports from the project coordinator to the EU.