Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


The Lotus Unlimited project is fully equipped to continue the cooperation in the partnership (9 EU & 11 SEA partners) and to further improve the project in the coming years learning from the expertise of previous Lotus projects. Project activities will be:- Consortium meetings: to ensure efficient management & monitoring (general/financial) and to plan activities- The Regional SEA Working Group plans to further investigate the QA and sustainability aspect of the project and to explore ways to further strengthen the partnership and ensure credit transfer and academic recognition in the relevant countries- Bachelor and master curricula in the priority fields are modularized in line with the Bologna Process and courses measured with ECTS- 198 mobility flows on all 5 levels (in all fields of study of lot 12) are executed and evaluate on impact and reform in the home institution and employability. All mobilities undertaken abroad are fully recognized and an integral part of the study programme. This results in capacity-building and development of skills. Partners will work towards a long-term structural cooperation (bilateral agreements, national funding structures, Erasmus for All,…)- Staff exchange will further aim to initialise and strengthen contacts, to develop curricula and new teaching methods, to give an opportunity for guest lectures, to improve quality assurance mechanisms and to discuss further cooperation. Grantees with high interest in research will be involved in the development of doctoral schools and technology transfer offices. Trainings for administrative staff in the context of internationalisation and university–enterprise cooperation will be foreseen to exchange good practices- Project results and experiences: transparent dissemination through various communication tools to all (non)academic stakeholders (universities, embassies, ministries, NGO’s, enterprises, social organisations)- China representative Beijing: serves as infopoint/ helpdesk.