Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


This Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Strand 1 partnership for Lot 1 (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) will establish a mobility network around Green IT, which involves 10 European partners on the one side and 10 Arab countries partners in the other side. The Arab HEIs are 2 from Tunisia, 3 from Morocco, 2 from Algeria and 3 from Egypt. Because of increasing tensions among various militia groups and political factions, it has been impossible to include any HEI from Libya which could sign a commitment for 48 months. Our action wishes to put special emphasis in dissemination in Libya to attract mobilities from this country, especially for students in vulnerable situations. In order to do that, we have incorporated an associate from Portugal which develops business activities and has a delegation in Libya and will be the link to promote our mobility flows there.

Numbers are balanced to give the maximum priority to the flows from our Third Partner Countries towards the European universities. The number of the expected mobilities has risen from the minimum fixed in the call to 185 as we wish to foster mobility.

All the European partners included in the partnership have a long experience and knowledge and offer high quality undergraduate, master and doctorate degrees, and specialized research in environmental sustainability, energy-efficient computing, renewable energy sources, IT infrastructure, IT industries and marine resources, among other innovative fields. Our project will train students at all levels (71 undergraduate, 46 master, 22 doctorate, 18 post-doctorate) with a focus on the promotion of the development of research and the transfer of that research (with the collaboration of the associated members) in these fields, thus contributing to training staff in one of the key priorities of the Union for the Mediterranean: the Horizon 2020 "the de-pollution of the Mediterranean" to achieve a cleaner Mediterranean.