Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


Promoting and enhancing cooperation between Mexican and European universities is the main objective of this project. This aim will be implemented through student and staff mobility. Mobility of students and young researchers involves all levels: bachelors, masters, doctorate and post-doctoral studies. A total mobility of 188 persons - 80% Mexican - is scheduled during the 45 months running period of the project.

Another objective is to promote and enhance recognition of periods of studies as well as qualifications.
The project should have an impact on the main academic fields identified, through cooperation not only in the field of education but also in the field of research. The development of joint degrees – in particular at master level – and international doctoral schools in three of the priority areas should reflect that the universities involved in this project are looking for a sustainable relationship.

Special emphasis is laid on cooperation with remote areas in Mexico, which should result in advancing the quality of universities in those regions. This is underpinned with a clear policy of equal opportunities, assuring gender balance and preventing brain-drain. The project should also contribute to the social cohesion of Mexican society by offering education to vulnerable groups and by raising awareness among European universities about the importance of the social dimension in higher education.

The project is based on a Partnership of 11 Mexican and 9 European universities. Another six Mexican universities will act as associated partners. The universities have been selected on the basis of a set of criteria: academic excellence, profile, identified academic priority areas and geographical spread both in Mexico and in Europe.