Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


In 2011, the EACEA issued its first call for Intra-ACP Lot 2 proposals. The University of the West Indies was successful in its application and went on to coordinate the Intra-ACP Caribbean-Pacific Mobility Scheme (CARPIMS).

In 2012, the EACEA issued its second call for Intra-ACP Lot 2 proposals. The University of the West Indies will submit a proposal for the academic mobility scheme, titled Caribbean-Pacific Island Mobility Scheme II (CARPIMS II). Building on the work of the original CARPIMS project, CARPIMS II will convene Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from across the Caribbean and Pacific with the objective of:

  1. forging strong cooperative links
  2. enhancing institutional capacity
  3. creating an active network of Caribbean and Pacific HEIs directly addressing issues of common challenge to our regions.

Fundamentally, the CARPIMS II program aims to equip Caribbean and Pacific citizens and institutions with the capabilities and knowledge necessary to lead the advancement of our countries and regions. The CARPIMS II consortium will ultimately aim to create an initiative that transcends an academic mobility scheme to become a significant catalyst for the competitive development of consortium countries as competitive players in the global sphere.

The CARPIMS II academic mobility scheme will award Full Master’s, sandwich PhD (PhD mobility), Full PhD and Academic/ Staff mobility scholarships to exceptionally talented individuals from across the Caribbean and Pacific regions.


Poster - CARPIMS II: Download