Erasmus Mundus - Universidade do Porto


The main objective of this project is to enhance cooperation between European and Latin American countries in Higher Education, through the implementation of students, researchers and staff mobility. In particular, this project aims at contributing to overcome the constraints of these countries, through Higher Education cooperation with emphasis in the thematic areas of strategic/key interest for the involved countries: Agricultural Sciences, Architecture, Management & Business, Education & Teacher Training, Engineering & Technology, Geography & Geology, Law, Mathematics & Informatics, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Communication. These areas were defined as priority by the European Commission for cooperation with Latin America. Furthermore it aims at promoting transfer of know-how and capacity building gained by European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) during their 25 years of experience within the scope of the Erasmus Program and also by the co-coordinator (UFRJ), as a consequence of its previous experience in Erasmus Mundus projects and of its direct contact with the management aspects of the BABEL project.

The partnership is composed of 20 HEIs: 9 European (from Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden) and 11 Latin American (from Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay), having as co-coordinating HEI probably the most experienced Latin American HEI within the partnership in International Cooperation: the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (BR).